[INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Benefits of Disability Awareness & Inclusion

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There are many ways to ensure that you are being inclusive of disabled people. Whether it be recruiting for a new position or welcoming people into a service.  One such way is to receive support in the form of training.  Training can be helpful in many ways.  When it comes to training in the disability sector, there is nothing more beneficial… Continue Reading [INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Benefits of Disability Awareness & Inclusion

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Business Case for Disability Inclusion

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The business case for disability inclusion in the workplace is a strong one.  Within the sector of disability inclusion, you do not have to go far to hear a disability expert talk about how supporting disabled people to achieve in the workplace has nothing but major business benefits which permeate the entire organisation.  Yet, the business case is still being vastly… Continue Reading [INFOGRAPHIC] The Business Case for Disability Inclusion

The Insidious Result of Language

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The Insidious Result of Language

Language surrounding disability has always been a minefield To me, I have always been baffled over the complexity of what people make language to be. When working in the disability charity sector, I was constantly perplexed by the terms that were used to describe disabled people and the help and support that they received. One of the hardest things is… Continue Reading The Insidious Result of Language

8 Lessons To Becoming A Confident Business Owner

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When developing my confidence as a new business owner, what I found most helpful was the experience that came with time.  As a disabled business owner, there can be added barriers to navigate; sometimes due to perceptions and attitude and other times due to the physical environment (and often, at the same time). These added barriers, along with being a new… Continue Reading 8 Lessons To Becoming A Confident Business Owner

I Need Coffee

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I work best in the morning. Many people say that.  I think it’s natural because that’s when we have our caffeine. But I have a slight issue at the moment. I can’t have coffee in the morning and go out straight afterwards. Why? I’m about to explain.  Up until last year, I had Personal Assistants. Personal Assistants (PAs) supported me with my… Continue Reading I Need Coffee

Using the experiences of disabled people to create a better service for everyone

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Creating a better service for everyone On a personal note, there are so many occasions (about 4 or 5 a day) where I think “a disabled person was obviously not consulted when this was designed”. It’s so frustrating. It’s not only me who thinks this, just listen to the podcast. When I ask my interviewees what their biggest barrier to… Continue Reading Using the experiences of disabled people to create a better service for everyone

Disability Inclusion vs Disability Awareness Training

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The Definition When researching disability training, you may have come across different organisations describing their training as either inclusion or awareness. This may, on the surface, seem no more than a choice of language. For some trainers it may be true. It can often be easy to overlap disability inclusion training with disability awareness training. However, the similarities that I… Continue Reading Disability Inclusion vs Disability Awareness Training

Attracting Disabled Candidates

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The Right Candidate When recruiting for a role, whether that role is paid or voluntary, full-time or part-time, you always want to make sure that you’re getting as much value for money as possible. You want to recruit somebody that will do the job to the best of their ability and support you to grow your project/business in the direction… Continue Reading Attracting Disabled Candidates

Inclusive Design – Designing For All

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Recently I have been experiencing for myself the frustrations faced when going to buy a product. Thinking the product will enhance my independence however, often it has turned out to be inaccessible. With modern technology moving at the rate it is, we should be assuming that accessibility and inclusion in service/product design is a no brainer, but this is not… Continue Reading Inclusive Design – Designing For All