The Value of Inclusion

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Price tag with value equalling priceless

My journey to equality Over the years, my personal opinions of disability have changed and developed as I, along with my experiences have done the same.  As a teenager, I believed and adhered to the medical model of disability; believing that disability was the problem of mine and mine alone.  As a result, I had to be grateful when the… Continue Reading The Value of Inclusion

Great Talk TED. A Collection of Esi’s Favourite TED Talks

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Wheelchair users about to kiss

5 talks sharing 1 theme: Disability. Can disability positively impact business and society? Each talk is between 10 and 20 minutes in length so you may like to  split them up.  One a day should get you through the week. Michele L. Sullivan Asking for help is a strength not a weakness. The power in asking for help from strangers. Maysoon Zayid I’ve… Continue Reading Great Talk TED. A Collection of Esi’s Favourite TED Talks

The Thought That Businesses Dare Not Speak

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girl with mouth sealed shut

Background I received an email the other day from a person I met at an exhibition. We had been talking about the importance of web accessibility and tone of voice used to attract disabled customers to a website and fundamentally, to a business. This person was interested in commissioning services of Celebrating Disability to advise on the overall accessibility and… Continue Reading The Thought That Businesses Dare Not Speak

Disabled person vs. person with… The debate continues

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sticks and stones

The Context Over the last few months and throughout my career, there have been many conversations about whether the term “disabled people” should be utilised over the term “people with disabilities”. Whilst this is a personal choice, most people don’t fully appreciate the differentiation between the two. They therefore believe that it is just a turn of phrase and supports… Continue Reading Disabled person vs. person with… The debate continues

Harnessing the Experience of Disabled Employees

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Man working on laptop

New Year: New Start After the New Year, there a many things that people have intentions of doing differently. These are commonly known as New Year Resolutions.  With all the best intentions, many of us will not stick to these much past 31st January. However, one business resolution that could benefit your whole business would be to make your workplace… Continue Reading Harnessing the Experience of Disabled Employees

Is the Best Person Getting The Role?

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Superhero posing gallantly

Inclusive Recruitment At networking meetings, events and workshops, people ask me about how to make a recruitment process accessible. The dos and don’ts and the application process. I think sometimes these processes can sound a lot more complicated than they actually are. The word “Disability” can prohibit people from thinking outside the box. But a disabled applicant is an applicant like… Continue Reading Is the Best Person Getting The Role?

Can I Spend Money With You?

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Smiling shop assistant

The spending power of disabled people is over £250 billion per annum. However many businesses do not understand how to attract disabled people and support them to buy their products. Because of this, the majority of the Purple Pound (the disability spending power) can be spent with a minority of businesses. Due to a lack of disability equality training and… Continue Reading Can I Spend Money With You?

Ensuring your Christmas Party is Inclusive for All

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A christmas tree decorated white

Yes I know… it’s only October and I’m already dropping the “C” word. Believe me – I’m not happy. But there’s a good reason for it and as December is fast approaching, the shops are beginning to stock Christmas Trees and stockings and the bars and restaurants are advertising bookings for Christmas parties, it’s a perfect time to offer you… Continue Reading Ensuring your Christmas Party is Inclusive for All

A Graduation on Crutches

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2015 Graduation Cap

My Daughter’s Graduation I attended my daughter’s graduation at a Midlands University in July this year and  was impressed by the ceremony and the speakers etc but was completely unprepared for the feelings of sadness and frustration generated by the attitudes of staff and lack of useful facilities for my daughter,  who found herself  temporarily disabled and on crutches after… Continue Reading A Graduation on Crutches

Celebrating Disability Training Style

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people at a Celebrating Disability training session

Background I’ve spoken to and witnessed many training styles over the years. Being a participant in training and seminar events has opened my eyes to different styles and models that a trainer can use to deliver a message to the people in the room. As a self confessed impatient person, I need constant stimulation from the people around me to… Continue Reading Celebrating Disability Training Style