Celebrating Disability Training Style

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people at a Celebrating Disability training session

Background I’ve spoken to and witnessed many training styles over the years. Being a participant in training and seminar events has opened my eyes to different styles and models that a trainer can use to deliver a message to the people in the room. As a self confessed impatient person, I need constant stimulation from the people around me to… Continue Reading Celebrating Disability Training Style

So what’s Celebrating Disability all about?

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So what's Celebrating Disability all about

A couple of events recently have got me thinking; A speaker confessed to a room that when uploading his profile on dating sites that he wrote about his bipolar first to get the “sympathy vote”. The second event that disturbed my peaceful mind happened just the other day in a department shop when I approached a sales assistant in my… Continue Reading So what’s Celebrating Disability all about?