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Ever wondered why your inclusion policies and statements aren't having the impact you hoped for?

Did You Know?
The Purple Pound (the spending power of disabled people in the UK) is over £250 billion per annum.

What Would You Do With An Extra 20%

Businesses can’t afford not to be inclusive of disabled people. Disabled people will go elsewhere if a venue, a website or a business is not convenient. Inclusion encompasses every cornerstone of your business.

Everything from getting in and moving around a venue or a shop to navigating and interacting with a website. Statistics show that unhelpful and inexperienced staff are two of the most common reasons why disabled people will leave to go to your competitor.

Understanding the barriers that disabled people face in order to deliver the best customer service is imperative to ensuring your share of the Purple Pound.

I have worked with Esi over a number of years and have always found her engaging and thought provoking. ​ ​

The knowledge of disability and personalisation that Esi holds is second to none and will have a huge benefit to many in the future.

Esi is a joy to work with, having an abundance or energy and enthusiasm!

Mark Deal - Enham Trust

Ensuring Your Share Of The Purple Pound

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Celebrating Disability Can Offer In-House Support For You

Writing policies and equality statements is only the first step to the inclusive business you desire.

Engaging every employee so that they are on-board with your equality and inclusion goals is the turning point to creating workplace cultures that are truly inclusive of disabled employees and customers.

Would You Like To...

Attract disabled people and offer meaningful inclusion that will create a happy, energised & creative workforce?

Grow your business by encouraging more disabled customers to purchase your products and services?

Be a more forward thinking business that is known for being actively inclusive of employees and customers alike?

If the answer is yes, then we can help. Get in touch today.

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