Holistic Disability Inclusion Audits

Celebrating Disability offer disability equality and inclusion training and consultancy for your business. 

Accessibility Isn’t All About Ramps And Rails

What experience does a disabled customer or member of staff have when entering your building and using the facilities? Is the interaction between your staff and a disabled customer a satisfying experience?

Are all your facilities inclusive and accessible?

Do your employees feel confident and knowledgeable to help your disabled customers and colleagues with their enquiries? Sometimes, the barriers to inclusion are not always as hard to rectify as people think.

In some cases, it could be as easy as positioning the tables in a meeting room slightly differently or, dimming the lights in the reception area for people with heightened sensitivity.

Celebrating Disability offers a friendly and informative service, which I would encourage all Basingstoke companies to embrace. As a hotel, we have many areas to navigate and Esi did so with confidence and showed great knowledge
Paul Fearon - General Manager, Apollo Hotel

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Why Inclusion Audits Are Important

For social venues, having an understanding of what it is like to experience a venue from a seated position will help you to think about what can be changed to support your disabled customers to have a good experience.

When a disabled customer is comfortable in your venue and can comfortably use all the facilities, you are more likely to sustain them for a long period of time. In turn, they will tell their friends and family about the great experience they had at your venue.

Being an inclusive business or organisation is an almost universal necessity and with today's climate, it can be costly to ignore. By creating a more inclusive business or organisation that truly understands and caters for the needs of disabled people, you are ensuring that you have the right foundations for growth moving forward.

Want To Make Your Business Inclusive For Disabled People?

Our Infographic "10 Ways To Make Your Business Inclusive" will help you think about simple alterations