The Workplace & Disability – Mercado Medic – What We Do

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Connor here, UK Account Manager at Mercado Medic UK. I am hoping you may find this article helpful regarding accommodating Disability in the workplace, especially physical conditions that affect mobility around the office. Now from my personal experience with fulfilling workplace assessments for our inclusive seating systems that benefit most, if not all physical disabilities, I find that when it… Continue Reading The Workplace & Disability – Mercado Medic – What We Do

Disabled access in the workplace is all about attitude

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Access isn’t all physical When people think of disabled access and equality for disabled people, they most commonly think about the physical implications:  Ramp or level access into buildings, Accessible toilets, Physical access to public transport and so on… There is no denying that these are important, but when we think of where they come from, they all lead back to… Continue Reading Disabled access in the workplace is all about attitude

The Accessible Workplace

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As a physically disabled person using an electric wheelchair, I have been to many workplaces – some clearly more accessible than others. I always find it interesting to hear individual definitions of accessibility; some people feel that a building is accessible if the central room is on one level, even if it took 3 flights of stairs to get there.… Continue Reading The Accessible Workplace