I Need Coffee

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I work best in the morning. Many people say that.  I think it’s natural because that’s when we have our caffeine. But I have a slight issue at the moment. I can’t have coffee in the morning and go out straight afterwards. Why? I’m about to explain.  Up until last year, I had Personal Assistants. Personal Assistants (PAs) supported me with my… Continue Reading I Need Coffee

The Workplace & Disability – Mercado Medic – What We Do

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Connor here, UK Account Manager at Mercado Medic UK. I am hoping you may find this article helpful regarding accommodating Disability in the workplace, especially physical conditions that affect mobility around the office. Now from my personal experience with fulfilling workplace assessments for our inclusive seating systems that benefit most, if not all physical disabilities, I find that when it… Continue Reading The Workplace & Disability – Mercado Medic – What We Do

Does Your Business Really Need to be Accessible?

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Well, the short answer is: Yes! Absolutely. Without a doubt Every single business in every single sector needs to be inclusive of disabled people: Disabled people as customers, disabled people as employees, disabled people as suppliers, disabled people as partners. The list goes on and on. By now, if you have read more than one of Celebrating Disability’s blogs, you… Continue Reading Does Your Business Really Need to be Accessible?

Ensuring your Christmas Party is Inclusive for All

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Yes I know… it’s only October and I’m already dropping the “C” word. Believe me – I’m not happy.  There’s a good reason though and as December is fast approaching, the shops are beginning to stock Christmas Trees and stockings and the bars and restaurants are advertising bookings for Christmas parties, it’s a perfect time to offer you some hints… Continue Reading Ensuring your Christmas Party is Inclusive for All

Supporting your Disabled Employees at Work

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Best Practice When researching best practice for managers supporting disabled people in the workplace, there are many articles and blogs on best ways to achieve a diverse workforce, alternates to standard interviews and why hiring disabled people makes good business sense. Some blogs that are recommended reading would include: Evenbreak – offering solutions that encourage a diverse workforce Disability Smart… Continue Reading Supporting your Disabled Employees at Work

Disability Inequality in the Workplace

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Background Over the years I have consulted on, written and implemented policies that support personalisation and disability equality. I have, alongside colleagues with like minded ideals, delivered training, written workbooks and  created documents that support change to build a positive workforce that actively encourages and supports disabled people. And yet, disability inequality in the workplace is still rife. Since starting… Continue Reading Disability Inequality in the Workplace

The Accessible Workplace

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As a physically disabled person using an electric wheelchair, I have been to many workplaces – some clearly more accessible than others. I always find it interesting to hear individual definitions of accessibility; some people feel that a building is accessible if the central room is on one level, even if it took 3 flights of stairs to get there.… Continue Reading The Accessible Workplace